For Autumn/Winter 15, Eddie Borgo has broadened his accessory horizon by announcing a line of handbags and a new collection, which consists of seven styles from latex finished leather to high-grade Vachetta in subtle tones. Borgo incorporates the design motifs found in his eponymous jewellery collection throughout, for example the 'Colt' crossbody bag channels his 'Bicone' hinged bracelet. The designer spoke about his recent evolution explaining the base of his inspiration:

"In my research, I heard all of my friends complaining about things that weren't working with their bags – they're too heavy, they can't fit anything, they don't open correctly. The functionality was a huge problem, so we were looking at this idea of a modern working woman and everything that she needs in her handbag."

After this enlightenment he decided to adapt the way a handbag is made by using aluminium in the hardware instead of the traditional brass or white metal, thereby ensuring that his bags are some of the lightest on the market.

The collection's silhouettes include carry-all bags, a day bag, a doctor's style bag with a splint-handled case as well as variations of the clutch – including the 'Lou' compact clutch. Throughout the collection functionality is key, with inside pockets shaped specifically for daily must-haves such as lipstick tubes, mobile phones and credit cards.

The collection will go on sale February 21 at select stores such as The Webster in Miami, Maxfield in Los Angeles, Jeffrey in New York, Forty Five in Dallas and Colette in Paris

Eddie Borgo debuts a line of handbags