Earlier this year, Buro 24/7's Founder Miroslava Duma announced the opening of Future Tech Lab (formerly Fashion Tech Lab), described as "a disruptive movement of innovators bridging together fashion and science to create a sustainable future." And now, Copenhagen Fashion Summit is set to address the issue of sustainability during its sixth annual meeting in May of next year. 

The summit will (like much else in fashion these days!) undergo a schedule change that will see it take place over two days. According to WWD, the most significant update to proceedings is the addition of the Innovation Forum, a sustainable solutions platform that will "group more than 50 sustainable solution providers covering the entire supply chain from innovative fabrics to green packaging solutions."

There will also be a series of discussions concerning "the most critical topics facing the industry" during the event. 

Copenhagen Fashion Summit will run from May 15-16, 2018 at the Copenhagen Concert Hall. For now, read about why Michael Kors has decided to go fur-free from next year