Chelsea Clinton adorns the cover of the newest issue of Elle U.S in a timely dash of synchronicity, as her mother Hillary Clinton, announces her candidacy for presidency. The former, and possibly to be repeated, first daughter wears a chic black dress by Gucci in a series shot by Paola Kudacki. 

The mother of one and former CNBC news special correspondent now devotes her time to working on the Clinton Foundation. While speaking to Elle, Chelsea took the opportunity to share her views on gender equality and what it would mean to see a woman take residence in the oval office:

"We've made real progress on legal protections for women, but in no way are women at parity to men in our country in the workplace. And if we look in the political sphere, it is challenging to me that women comprising 20 percent of Congress is treated as a real success. Since when did 20 percent become the definition of equality? And so when you ask about the importance of having a woman president, absolutely it's important, for, yes, symbolic reasons-symbols are important; it is important who and what we choose to elevate, and to celebrate."

Chelsea Clinton Elle