It's no secret that Calvin Klein designer Raf Simons has a (stylish) soft spot for Andy Warhol. And it's particularly fitting, given that the artist was friends with Calvin Klein himself back in the '70s.

The relationship is coming full circle with the announcement today that the brand is teaming up with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts which, in an unprecedented move, will give the house access to a sizeable back catalogue of Warhol's work. Simons, who first referenced the artist in his S/S18 collection, screen-printing images onto everything from skirts to shirts and jackets, is undoubtedly thrilled.

In a statement, the designer explained, "I've come to realise that Warhol's genius goes much deeper than cheerful Campbell's Soup paintings. He captured all sides of the American experience, including sometimes its darker sides. Warhol's art tells more truths about this country than you can find almost anywhere else." 

The partnership is set to last until 2020. 

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