Hindmarch's covetable accessories, that have been exciting her devoted followers for over twenty years, did not disappoint. This time, given a boost of bold pattern in striking graphic designs, her designer handbag collection radiated an infectious energy that bounced off of the truly unique set design.

As contortionists in leotards reflected in multiples across a mirrored set of prism formations, Anya Hindmarch's collection came alive with the high-energy feeling that filled the room. 

The designer's quirky take on the Spring/Summer 16 collection looked to graphic elements that even included the Carrefour logo emblazoned on the front of two white bags. Other patterns splashed across the front of bags included chevrons, rainbows and garment care-instruction symbols. 

Carefree and fun, the focus of the showcase remained quite narrowly zoned in on the bags as the sweatshirts, baseball jackets, leather tunics and HotPants became secondary to the hype for the handbags.