Riddled with controversies, from ad campaigns to owner Don Charvey himself, American Apparel was always fighting against the tide. This week though, it finally went under, with the company filing for bankruptcy in the US.

American Apparel had made its name making hip and trendy clothes that were made exclusively in the U.S of A. Popular amongst teenagers, its failure to keep up in the quick-changing world of fashion resulted in flagging sales (a whopping 17 percent drop in the second quarter of 2015 which amounted to a $US19.4 million loss) and mounting debts, particularly after recent failed ad campaigns. Bruised and battered from all the recent chaos it had to battle, the company had no choice but to now subject itself to a restructuring deal.

The company has however mentioned that ground operations will still continue and that overseas outlets would not be affected. American Apparel is available in the Middle East through online retailer SIVVI.COM.