On April 8, Dior showcased its impeccable contemporary silhouettes designed by Kris Van Assche for the Dior Homme Autumn/Winter 2015/16 collection for a special event in Guangzhou, China.

Welcoming a select list of regional and international celebrities and style icons, the famed French fashion house took over the Opera House in Guangzhou, China to present its new menswear collection for the second time, after it made its debut at Paris Fashion Week in January. 

The sounds of a spine-tingling orchestra filled the venue with its beautiful melodies, whilst models marched around the talented muscians wearing the new comtemporary silhouttes created by Van Assche. Dior captured a breathtaking video of the special event, take a look at it, and revisit the collection below.

"The collection is techno-tailoring. In other words, it's formal tailoring but also dynamic. It's romantic but realist, it's tailored and technical, it's formal wear and work wear. It's something I would love to come across on the street, therefore I wanted a very strong idea of 'night', the idea of going to the opera-a very modern style, but with all the conventions of the past."  – Kris Van Assche