The world's expectations of actresses red carpet styles are great at the best of times, let alone at the Oscars – and for a 'Best Actress' nominee at the Oscars. However, for Julianne Moore, yesterday's 'Best Actress' winner, there was a sweeping sense of clarity when it came to the look she wanted to achieve at the Oscars 2015. With the sharp eye and guidance from, Leslie Fremar, Moore's stylist, and Karl Lagerfeld at her service, Moore honed in pretty quickly on her bespoke Chanel gown. 

Lagerfeld sketched a design personally for the actress, which she instantly fell in love with and Fremar unanimously agreed it was ideal: "Even though it was hard to conceptualise what the actual dress would look like from this beautiful painting," explained Fremar. 

However, after attending the Chanel Haute Couture show in Paris, Moore was drawn to an embellishment element on another gown. Lagerfeld obligingly reworked the sketch to incorporate the new elements on Moore's Oscars dress. It was something he was happy to do for his favourite actress: "I am so happy Julianne won the Oscar for her great talent. I've known her for years, and was always her greatest fan – as an actress and also as a woman," said Lagerfeld. "She is the perfect illustration of what I understand to be womanhood in the best sense of the word. She is fun, down to earth and an extremely cheerful, loveable person. I am really happy for her."

This collaboration explains why the 'Best Actress' exuded such radiant confidence on the red carpet, she must have felt like a million dollars, and that was before she scooped her prestigious award.

 Karl Lagerfeld Julianne Moore