A self confessed international networker, Annarita Celano's career spans from the creation of refined cashmere collections as well as beautiful jewellery pieces under her brand CELANO, to exclusive image consultancy projects. Originally from Naples – her birth city – Celano works across Milan, London and New York; an inexhaustible personality, always on the go.

Buro 24/7 Middle East caught up with the designer on a recent trip to Dubai to exclusively launch her collection at a pop-up shop at Etoile la boutique.

Welcome to Dubai, what do you like about the city?
It has a magical atmosphere. Dubai is an oriental yet futuristic city, it has beautiful architecture that I love and the weather and ambiance is great. Dubai is a very contemporary and cosmopolitan city full of life. It is relaxed and you feel positive, welcome and comfortable as a visitor.

Have you travelled anywhere else in the Middle East?
Not yet, but looking forward to coming back and exploring the extraordinary culture.

What do you make of the style in this region?
I think that the women here know how to mix and match their jewellery as I have been following many socialites on Instagram. And I really like the way in which they put things together in a very elegant and chic yet fashionable way.

Tell us about your collaboration with Etoile la boutique
I am very happy and glad that they invited me to guest my pop-up store and to introduce for the first time the gold and diamond collection. I thank them for showing my collection and enabling me to visit a country I have never seen, and learn about the culture here. Etoile is an exceptional store.

CELANO pop up shop at Etoile La Boutique

Your friends and supporters include Stefano Gabbana and Anna Dello Russo - how have they helped your label?
They have pushed me and supported me to go ahead with this project because they believe that I have an eye for detail which jewellery requires. I am grateful and happy to see that Anna and Stefano love my designs - as that is what I create my pieces for, to have people enjoy them and wear them lovingly.

CELANO pop up shop at Etoile La Boutique

CELANO pop up shop at Etoile La Boutique

Tell us about the Sea Urchin collection specifically, how did it come about?
It all started because I love the sea. The sea is a big source of love and inspiration in my life. The first collection I did was based on the sea without even thinking.

I am from Naples, and grew up next to the sea all my life. I used to wake up to the view of Capri from my bedroom window there and the sea was part of my everyday life.

And how did you start a life and career in jewellery design?
After I spent all my life working in the fashion industry as a designer, I wanted to create something that is more everlasting, something that I create that has a value and stays in the heart of women for a much time as possible.

Who do you admire in the industry?
I love enormously the Victorian jewellery and old Napolitano jewellery. In terms of contemporary, I really like Laura Rodkin - the LA based designer.

CELANO pop up shop at Etoile La Boutique

What's next for CELANO?
Everything is next for CELANO because I am just launching and starting. I would like to build my brand and see as many women loving and wearing my jewellery and happy to have bought them.