A date with Ramadan: Khulood Thani, Abdulla Al Mulla, Mohamed Al Mayed, Aida Al Busaidy

A Level Shoes collaboration

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Editor: Shannon Wylie

Image: Level Shoes

Level Shoes is celebrating Ramadan with prominent Emiratis in a must-watch video campaign.

Middle Eastern footwear retailer Level Shoes has collaborated with Emirati designer Khalid Shafar on an exclusive seasonal video campaign titled My Ramadan Series. Putting the spotlight on Shafar's famed The Palm collection – think palm-inspired stools and tables – the short film invites high-profile local personalities including fashion designer Khulood Thani, Home Bakery Founder Abdulla Al Mulla, My Dubai's Aida Al Busaidy, and Director of Operations for Civil Aviation Mohamed Al Mayed, to share what Ramadan, as well as the ubiquitous dates, mean to them.

"It's more about purifying our souls and thinking about other people," said Thani about the blessed month. On the important role dates play within the culture, Thani added: "My dad used to take us to the farm and he used to plant lots of palm trees. We learnt from him that it's important to preserve your heritage and your culture."

Now, read about Level Shoes' e-commerce step with its new online store.

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