Reebok have debut its all-new 'ZPump Fusion' – a revolutionary new running shoe, which is an updated version of the brand's signature 'Pump' trainer. The new design has the ability to conform and adapt and unlike traditional running shoes it has features just 3 components compared to the standard 40.

With a seamless mesh upper and a lightweight, thin sole the 'ZPump Fusion' features Reebok's patented inflatable bladder technology, which gives the user stability as it tightens around the foot.  The new footwear also features a four-way stretch fusion sleeve and boasts 'ZRated' tires with edges and underfoot grooves for improved control.

The 'ZPump Fusion' is completely structure-less when not inflated and then molds to the shape of your foot once you put it on and inflate. It conforms to give you a locked-in, custom fit when you run: "To get that security, you may need three pumps or you made need eight pumps – it is fully customizable for each person" says Paul Litchfield, inventor of the 'Pump' and head of Reebok Advanced Concepts.