Dylan Raasch to sneakerheads is like Justin to Beliebers. Well maybe not quite as drastic but you get our drift. In Buro 24/7's exclusive interview with the man himself, Raasch talks up Nike's latest offering and his fantasy of a flying shoe...

What's the story behind the SneakerBoots?

This will be the first season that we're doing SneakerBoots and something that we kind of pioneered in 2013. It really came from the hardcore sneakerheads and the people who want to wear these shoes all-year around. So we got together and figured out a way to improve it for winter.

Each year we curate new models and customers really dictate what goes into the line. This year we've put together the icons including the Air Force One and the Air Max 90 as well as the Acorra for women. The collection  is pretty comprehensive so it gives something to everybody.

How has Nike evolved these past years and where do you see it going?

In the past few seasons we've really moved towards more simplified designs and we are focusing a lot on comfort, and easy-on, easy-off kind of stuff. Customers today are very fast-paced, very connected, constantly on the move so the designs have become sleeker in proportions but overall it's a simplified kind of aesthetic.

Nike products are generally performance-oriented. Tell us about that...

Even though there is a lifestyle focus, we start everything from a performance standpoint.

We really look at our customers as all-day, everyday athletes because they're out there walking the streets.

How much do trends and sub-culture factor in when you're looking for inspiration?

They are a big part! Speaking as a designer we pull a lot of our influences from sub-cultures and I think it helps inform the more informed mainstream pop culture.

Is there any specific celebrity or athlete whose personal style interests you?

I have a very simplified aesthetic that I go to, so I don't really look at them to influence me, but rather I hope that I can influence them.

How long do you think this simple aesthetic trend will last?

Everything comes in cycles so it's probably a matter of time before the next thing will take its place. I've always said that the next thing is never what you expect it to be, so it might not stay 'simple' but it might not be 'over-blinged' either.

If you were given a blank cheque, what kind of shoes would you design and create?

My goal right now to make 100 per cent sustainable shoes but if I were given a blank cheque I would probably go towards the flying shoe. I think that would be amazing!

Middle East Exclusive: Nike's Dylan Raasch

The Nike SneakerBoots holiday collection will be available across Dubai from October.