Digital retailer Farfetch has partnered with Italian luxury label Gucci to launch an express delivery service, that will ensure your purchase goes from the store to your door in 90 minutes. Available in 10 cities around the world – Dubai, London, New York, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, Milan, Paris, Sao Paulo and Tokyo – the time-sensitive service begins with the confirmation of the order and ends with the delivery of the purchase to the buyer in less than two hours, seven days a week..

"Known for their cutting edge fashion, retail excellence and ability to anticipate customer needs, Gucci is the perfect partner to launch this service with," said José Neves, CEO and Founder of Farfetch. "Time is the new luxury and one that we all want more of. At Farfetch we want to give that luxury back to our customers by making as many delivery options available as possible. If you need just the right dress or pair of shoes for dinner that night, we can make sure you have it wherever you are."

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