Kate Moss is a supermodel, designer, ambassador, muse and now, e-commerce collaborator. The Kate Moss for Equipment collection launched on Net-a-Porter.com this June and the achingly cool collection is fast becoming a coveted one.

"Kate Moss is a name that resonates beyond all others on a global scale," said Sarah Rutson, Vice President of Global Buyer at Net-a-Porter. "Having been given creative freedom at a much loved brand like Equipment, Kate's immense style was always going to result in a very desirable collection that we know our customer is going to love." 

Jack Schwefel, the CEO at Equipment also spoke about the collaboration, saying: "We loved having Kate so hands on during all parts of the process, every step of the way. The synergy is effortless as she's been building a relationship with our brand for years and we look forward to expanding the relationship for many more."

Kate Moss for Equipment

Kate Moss

The Kate Moss for Equipment collection is now on Net-a-Porter.com.