French luxury label Hermès is promising a fresh new identity for your silk scarves with its new HermèsMatic concept. The globetrotting pop-up laundry is equipped with two washing machines that will dye your beloved scarves in either denim blue or fuchsia pink before they are tumble dried to revive their soft delicate nature. All it takes is 48 hours! Also onsite will be a host of similarly dyed scarves which feature the maison's iconic symbols – think Brides de Gala, Mythiques Phœnix, Festival des Amazones and Les Clés.

Presenting the HermèsMatic luxury laundry for your scarves

Discover the collection of Hermès' dyed scarves here...

HermèsMatic will run from April 13-22 at Place des Lumieres, City Walk Dubai. Also watch Hermès' video for its Verrou bag.