Last week The Art Newspaper released its annual figures for the most visited art exhibitions in the world, declaring that 2014 “belongs to Yayoi Kusama.” An impressive 2 million people went to see the Japanese artist's Infinite Obsession touring South and Central America exhibition.

The 86-year-old eccentric is most well known for her polka-dotted sculptures and mirror installations, beat Jeff Koons Whitney Museum of American Art exhibit which attracted 3,869 visitors a day.

Glenn Scott Wright, co-director of Victoria Miro (the gallery that represents the artist in the UK) told The Independent: “Kusama is the only one of our artists who sells on every continent. She’s very rare in that she has this kind of credibility within the art world establishment, but she also has a very broad popular appeal.”  

The leading gallery in The Art Newspaper report was once again the Louvre, with 9.2 million visitors in 2014, following behind were the The British Museum who welcomed 6.7 million visitors and the National Gallery overtook New York's Met to be crowned the third most visited art museumin 2014, with 6.4 million visitors.