Saudi King Salman has appointed a new heir and successor to the throne. On Wednesday the King made a number of ruling changes and replacements in the ruling positions. Interior minister Mohammed bin Nayef has been named his new heir, he replaces the monarch's half brother Prince Muqrin, and the King also made his son, defence minister Mohammed bin Salman, second in line to succeed.

A state published decree stated that King Salman said the decision to replace Muqrin with Mohammed bin Nayef and to make his own son deputy crown prince had been approved by a majority of the family's Allegiance Council.

Other shifts in the ruling positions include foreign minister Prince Saud Al Faisal, who has served in the role since March 1975, with the Kingdom's Washington ambassador, Adel Al Jubeir, the first non-royal to hold the post.

These constitute major changes at the top of the ruling Al Saud family, and a sizeable shift away from the chosen princes by the late King Abdullah, who died in January, and towards those close to the new monarch.

Saudi King Salman announces new heir and next in line to rule

Mohammed Bin Salman