Filmed during Sole DXB last November – a unique event that shines the spotlight on footwear, fashion and design culture in the Middle East – Raw Metropolis is a short documentary that explores how Dubai is finding a new identity through its recent influx of streetwear and urban culture culminating in the emirate – and how it is breaking away from its reputation as a shopping/luxury-only destination.  

On Friday, teaser footage was dropped via Vimeo and features ALIFE, Olaf Hussein, Guillaume Philibert of Filing Pieces, Daily Paper, the Dinner Club by No.57's Alamira Noor Bani Hashim and the Sole DXB founders. The black-and-white clip from the new documentary, which was written and directed by Amirah Tajdin, is made up of a series of video portraits that showcase a new take on Dubai.

The full documentary will screen in Dubai on February 18 and will then be released in full on Vimeo shortly after.

Watch the Raw Metropolis trailer below: