Michael Mandiberg is a New York-based interdisciplinary artist with a new and ambitious exhibition coming up. Mandiberg has invested hours of his life converting the entire Wikipedia database, in the English language, into print. The project has been dubbed – Print Wikipedia – and has ultimately produced 7,600 volumes. 

Mandiberg used a specially created software to convert the abundant information into a printable format before setting about arranging it all into books. The first 91 volumes are just indexes, the actual entries begin after that and towards the end there are 36 volumes just dedicated to mentioning each of the 7.5 million names of people who have contributed information. 

Mandiberg is holding an exhibition titled – From Aaaaa! to ZZZap! – where he will upload an 11 GB compressed file of the entire project to print-on-demand website lulu.com. The exhibition will end when the upload is completed, which is estimated to take 2 weeks. After that there will be a celebratory party and the offering up of all 7,600 volumes for one lucky buyer, with a large home library, to purchase for $500,000.