The hit song Blurred Lines that was stuck in everyone's minds throughout the summer of 2013 has been deemed a rip off of Marvin Gaye's 1977 song, Got To Give It Up. Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams were taken to court by the grandchildren of Marvin Gaye after they heard the song and recognised a similarity immediately. The legal proceedings began in 2013 and entailed many ups and downs with the relatives originally asking for $25 million in damages. The Californian jury came to the decision of awarding Gaye's family an underestimated amount of $7.3 million – which is record high in a copyright infringement suit.

A spokesman for Williams told Rolling Stone: "While we respect the judicial process, we are extremely disappointed in the ruling made today, which sets a horrible precedent for music and creativity going forward."

Williams, Thicke and T.I. said in a joint statement: "Blurred Lines was created from the heart and minds of Pharrell, Robin and T.I. and not taken from anyone or anywhere else. We are reviewing the decision, considering our options and you will hear more from us soon about this matter."