The gingham pinafore dress worn by Judy Garland, playing the role of Dorothy in the original 1939 classic – The Wizard of Oz – is anticipated to set new records as the most expensive costume ever. The infamous outfit has an estimated price tag of $1.2 million, and it hasn't even been washed since Garland hung it up after wrapping the film more than 70 years ago. 

Following the digital revival of the Warner classic picture last year, which saw a relaunch of a digitally remastered version of the original film garner huge love and interest internationally, the film's modern value has been well and truly quantified. The dress will be auctioned off by Bonhams, as part of the 'Treasures from the Dream Factory' auction to be held in New York on November 23. 

Other covetable items found in the auction include an original 'golden ticket' from the 1971 hit Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, as well as several screen-worn Marilyn Monroe dresses. Movie magic history up for grabs.

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