Brooklyn based photographer, Frank Bohbot is on a mission to remind us of the beauty of libraries. In the age of Amazon, Wikipedia and e-books, we are frequenting libraries less and less, and in the process we are missing some of the most classically beautiful spaces that have ever been designed. In his book, House of Books, Bohbot is painstakingly collating a photographic anthology of some of the worlds most beautiful libraries. 

Bohbot explains his motivation for starting the project and how he's playing the long game for this project: "Paying tribute to the Architects – the light, the composition and the colours have to be coherent in all the series... I wanted to give a new approach, in terms of atmosphere, colours and composition. I will also include contemporary libraries, small rooms and entrances. This is a long project, and this is the beginning."

So far images have been shot in Paris and Rome, but Bohbot plans to travel further afield to North America, South America, and Asia to capture more photographs of library spaces. We wholeheartedly approve. 

House of Books story