Sotheby's teams up with eBay to bring art to digital masses

Sotheby's teams up with eBay to bring art to digital masses

Calling all collectors

Image: Sotheby's

Famed auctioneer Sotheby’s and e-tailer eBay have recently inked a new partnership, giving the green light for online shoppers everywhere who want to buy extravagant items

On Monday, the two companies announced that they will partner up to create a newly-designed marketplace within eBay's platform, allowing the site's 145 million global users to participate in certain Sotheby's auctions as they happen in New York.

Starting this Fall, eBay's artsy new market place will specifically target art and collectibles shoppers  using Sotheby's as its anchor tenant  pieces will fall into 18 categories including jewellery, watches, prints, wine, photographs and 20th century design. 

"We are joining with eBay to make our sales more accessible to the broadest possible audience around the world," said Bruno Vinciguerra, chief operating officer of Sotheby's. 

For eBay, the goal of the unique partnership is to create a shopping mall for users, hoping that customers who might go there first to bid with Sotheby’s will then explore the rest of what eBay has to offer.

“We want eBay to be a destination, not just a utility,” said Devin Wenig, president of Global eBay Marketplaces. 

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