Farrah Sopher is now seeking $300,000 over claims that Disclosure's Latch, White Noise and You And Me lyrics were taken from a songbook of hers that was stolen by her ex-boyfriend, Sean Sawyers, in 2009.

Sopher alleges Sawyers shopped the secret songbook on to music industry contacts, which has lead her to reportedly also seek damages from UK-based duo AlunaGeorge, claiming that she wrote the lyrics to their song Attracting Flies.

However, Sawyer denies all accusations stating: "I am denying all the allegations... There is zero truth to the claims made against me. I never saw the book the claimant mentions... (so) I could not have committed the alleged damages, theft, (and) copyright infringement." While musicians Disclosure and AlunaGeorge have refused to comment on the recent accusations.