Courtney Love has told The New York Times that she wanted to take on a new challenge, and has signed up to just that after she was approached by composer/librettist Todd Almond and director Kevin Newbury for the Kansas City Choir Boy's project. Love has accepted the star role, and will perform her opera debut in New York at the beginning of next year. Of the music, Love told the paper: “I’m playing it constantly.” 

According to an official statement, Kansas City Choir Boy "is a theatricalised concept album about love altered by unexpected fate." The show is not “in an operatic style," with Almond telling the paper:  “I mean [opera] in the sense that it’s a group of songs that tell a story. I write musicals, I write plays and I write what I call opera, which I think of as a form that opens the minds of both the performers and the listeners.”

The show explores the story of two lovers in a Midwestern town, one of whom goes missing. The opera was directly inspired by Greek mythology, the 24-hour news cycle, and Love's voice. "I love [it], and I think she's a great actress," Almond said. 

Kansas City Choir Boy will open at Manhattan's Here arts centre on 8 January.