A man in Utah, USA is being charged for vandalising a Banksy piece. In other words, he's been caught vandalising a piece of vandalism. His punishment is that he has to pay a total of $13,000 USD for his crime, or face jail time. The man is 36-year-old David William Noll, who admitted to vandalising two Banksy pieces originally painted during the 2010 Sundance Film Festival – originally painted illegally by Banksy, and are now protected by plexiglass to preserve them.

  • The amount is apparently to cover the cost to fix the plexiglass that Noll broke in his quest, as well as hiring a professional to restore Banksy's "angel boy" piece, which was partially covered with spray paint. At the court hearing, Noll said that he barely remembers trying to destroy the artworks, citing his bipolar disorder being one of the reasons he might have done it.