Acqua di Parma has long been a public supporter of dance, theatre and music and this year it is turning its focus to new artistic pursuits by producing its first contemporary art exhibition, at Palazzo Cusani in Milan this month from May 15–June 4. Curator Cloe Piccoli has hand picked a series of installations some of Italy's best established artists including; Rosa Barba, Massimo Bartolini, Simone Berti, Alberto Garutti, Armin Linke, Diego Perrone and Paola Pivi. 

The theme of the exhibition is innately Italian –  I'll Be There Forever: The Sense of Classic. Speaking to the abundance of classical art and sculpture that has paved Italy's past from the Roman empire to the present day, Italians grow up and live amongst these works and they inevitably influence more contemporary artists. 

Acqua di Parma produces contemporary art installation in Milan

"Classical elements characterise our landscape, architecturally, historically and artistically," says Piccoli, adding that artists often absorb this inspiration without being fully aware of how it will emerge in their works."It's not a citation, it's not a model, it's not a rule – it's a cultural stratification that one can perceive in the works," she continued.

Gabriella Scarpa, who is president of both Acqua di Parma and LVMH Italia (which has owned Acqua di Parma since 2001), said "giving value to Italy's artistic and cultural heritage is a fundamental mission of Acqua di Parma."

Acqua di Parma produces contemporary art installation in Milan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, City of Milan and Brera Academy of Fine Arts also sponsored the exhibition; entrance is free. I'll Be There Forever: The Sense of Classic  will be exhibiting in Palazzo Cusani in Milan from May 15 – June 4 2015