Last week the talented Will Butler announced that he would be writing a series of original tracks for The Guardian, based solely on articles that he had read in the British newspaper that day. The third track for the series has taken inspiration from a Guardian-published article titled: 'Black Hole 12 Billion Times More Massive Than Sun Is Discovered'.

The Arcade Fire singer explained that he originally had plans to create a song around the topical Brit Awards, but was then distracted by the black hole discovery when the time came to sit in the studio:

"I had every intention of writing about the Brit Awards. It was a news event I was sure The Guardian would cover. I was pretty confident in Sam Smith and Taylor Swift. I could cheat a bit; prepare a couple zingers in advance. But they just found a black hole 12 billion times the mass of the sun and almost as old as the universe itself, so, whatever."

The multi-instrumentalist and composer still thought it appropriate to pay homage to the Brit Awards in some form and decided to include a Madonna shout-out entitling the track Madonna Can't Save Me Now. Listen below now: