Egyptian singing sensation Nathalie Saba has released This is Me, her long-awaited EP. Saba's unique voice has already earned her worldwide recognition and songs from the EP such as "Snow" and "Black Birds" have already topped the regional music charts.

Nathalie Saba This is Me EP

Mixing strong Arabic influences into her music, Saba's rearrangements of classics, specifically Eurhythmics' "Sweet Dreams" where she adds Arabic instruments including the oud, is a must-listen. "I always feel that music is my ultimate mode of expression," said Saba. "It made me discover who I am, as well as helped me get in touch with my inner feelings. I love that I can share this with the world through my EP."

Aside from the release of her debut EP, Saba is also set to bestowed the honour of being Apple Music's Artist of the Month for June. As well, she will be performing on July 9 in Beirut as part of the NRJ Music Tour.

Watch her video for "Snow" here...

This Is Me by Nathalie Saba is now is available for download on iTunes.