Zane Lowe's recent announcement that he will be moving to a new address near No.1 Infinity Loop, to join Apple came as a surprise to many. What is not surprising, is how cloaked in secrecy, the nature of his new role at the tech company is. 

Bidding thanks and fond farewells to the team at BBC Radio 1, as he prepares to hit the British Broadcasting Radio waves for the last time in March, Lowe has offered a morsel of insight into what he might be plotting with Apple's music arm. Speaking to British newspaper The Guardian, Lowe dropped this teaser: 

"I know that there is an opportunity to come out here and to build something that will reach parts of the world that I've never reached before... I'm just trying to connect with the listener, and connect with the artist, and put you guys together [...] I really want a platform for the most passionate people who love music. I want to be able to bring that human experience, that we all had growing up with record stores, but actually make it something you can listen to in a world where you're left to your own devices."

Annie Mac will be taking over the 7-9pm weekday spot, which Lowe has helmed for 12 years. His final show airs on 5 March, 2015.