Reema Motib loves to doodle. But these aren't your average, mediocre stick men doodles, these are quirky illustrations that communicate a feeling, a mood, and leave us wanting to see more. 

The talented third year university student is currently based between Riyadh, KSA and Greenwich, Connecticut. Join us as we discover the lady behind the drawings, and present some of her bests creations – including a bespoke piece for Buro 24/7 Middle East, in our exclusive interview here...

Do you remember your first drawing?

I really don't. But ever since I can recall I've been zoning out in school and drawing in class. 

Reema interview

Do you recall what drew you to drawing? Why do you love it so much?

I'm not a very successful academic. So, to compensate for that I did very well in ballet and anything creative. I guess drawing and art came with the territory. It's a very therapeutic mostly stress free activity for me. And I really do think illustration is one of the most honest forms of communication. 

What are you doing at present?

I'm in business school trying to get a marketing degree. I'm also starting a jewellery business with my best friend, it's called Lamb & Lu and the both of us are really thrilled seeing it come to life. 

Reema interview

What's your dream project?

I would love and also be terrified to work on a solo exhibition. I'd also love to work on something for a dance company, whatever it is I think it'd be a really lovely collaboration. 

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Graduated, hopefully. I really want to be able to receive a formal arts education, I don't have that yet. I hope to see Lamb & Lu grow and expand in five years time.

How do you express your culture and heritage in your art?

Very subtly. My culture and my heritage is a huge part of my visual memory, it doesn't dominate my work but occasionally I see it participate in very subtle ways. 

Reema interview

Which illustrators do you admire globally?

I have a soft spot for Helen Bullock, her work is beautiful. 

Which illustrators do you admire regionally?

Latifa Turki and Nojoud AlSudairy. 

Reema interview

Tell us the best spots in your city...

I currently live in Riyadh and these places really do rank as my top ten. Alāan Artspace, which is a creative space and restaurant. They host various events like art shows and pop up shops.

4 spa is my favourite nail salon it's really tiny and they have great service. 

Eastway Market is this amazing concept boutique, it's really well curated and they have a really lovely atmosphere. 

Curio is an art supply store and it's cool because it's just that. They have everything I need so I don't have to go through the burden of ordering online or waiting until I travel.

There's Naila art gallery, which hosts some wonderful exhibitions. 

I'm really fond of the gym I go to. It's called Kinetico and it's a very inspiring place.

Reema interview
What's your longterm goal and ambition?

I'd love to give you an impressive answer but honestly, I just always want to be able to go home after doing what I love, sit on a couch drink something caffeinated and read a good book.  

Reema interview

Reema interview

Reema interview