Ryan Gosling attending a screening and Q&A session at the SXSW festival conference, this time in the capacity as a director. The actor has turned his hand to directing with his dark indie debut – Lost River – which stars his fiancé Eve Mendes, Saoirse Ronan, Matt Smith and Christina Hendricks among others. 

During the panel discussion, Gosling fielded questions from film fans concerning his directorial debut. Many wanted to know how his acting background influenced his directorial style. The cast were keen to respond, with their positive experience working with him. Ronan said that he has a natural intuition that allows him to help actors find their own way through a character's journey with just the right amount of guidance. 

There was much mutual appreciation as Gosling confessed to have cast great actors whom he loves and considers friends, and the cast returned the compliment with Mendes quick to add that "[she is] the biggest fan" of Gosling's.  

On that romantic note came a surprise proposal from a conference goer who seemed to want to ask the panel a questions but spontaneously changed her mind and staged a marriage proposal instead, with the help of Gosling who handed her the mic. 

Gosling also took the opportunity at the festival to confess that he doesn't understand the Internet phemominan of the "hey girl" Gosling memes: "I never said that!" he exclaimed. "I understand if you're in a movie and you say 'I'll be back' you have to own it, but I never said it." He can't be too upset about it, the relaxed actor is known to have a great sense of humour, but we can't blame him for being confused. That meme really did come from nowhere...