Buro 24/7 caught up with German actress Diane Kruger, stateside, to discuss the strange excitement of red carpet glamour, dreams of a Tuscan home (with actor boyfriend Joshua Jackson of Dawson’s Creek fame) and her major crush on French Cinema.

The actress tells us about her French actress idol, arriving in Hollywood for the first time and much, much more. Join us as we get to know the beautiful 38-year-old better…

"...I do miss Europe when I'm here for too long, there's a certain de vivre..." – diane kruger

Do you enjoy fashion and is dressing for the red carpet enjoyable or stressful? 

Yes it's fun and I enjoy it as any woman would, to go on the red carpet is very strange, but it's very fun every once in a while to get dressed up and usually you are there to promote and celebrate your movie, so it's always a very special moment.   

Has your sense of style evolved as you have grown up?

I don't know, I think I just became an adult, so I don't wear skirts anymore where my butt cheeks are hanging out.  That's for the best, but other than that, I don't know.   

Would you say that you are a bit more conservative now?   

No, I just think I try not to embarrass myself when I look at pictures of myself when I was sixteen, you know?  

Does living between Europe and America mean you have to have two different wardrobes? 

I don't think I do really. I mean, it makes no sense wearing nice winter coats in California obviously, but my style is my style so it doesn't really matter what city you're in. I'd say I definitely get dressed for dinner here (America) and I feel like a lot of people wear sweat pants and t-shirts when they go out but I don't think it's changed much...   

What have you been working on for the big screen in-between filming The Bridge? You have been working with Russell Crowe on a project, right?  

Yes! I did right before The Bridge started. It is very different, it's set in the '80s and I play an alcoholic trophy wife. Which was really fun and I don't know why they cast me, but it was really fun. It was totally different and the team was very gracious to allow me a couple of days to go back and forth to Pittsburgh and LA but even since that movie, I have been chained to The Bridge so to speak...

Do you remember the first time you came to Hollywood? What did it meant to you? 

The very first time was for Troy and it was very overwhelming. I didn't have an agent because I got the movie off of a tape I sent in and then all these agents want to sign you and I was very overwhelmed with the whole process and then I finally arrived in Hollywood and, you know, what I remember distinctively is that I thought it would always be nice weather in Hollywood and it was like in November and it was raining and I only had brought flip flops so I remember going to a meeting at CAA in shorts and flip flops while it was pouring with rain and they all thought I was crazy and it still takes me a lot of getting used to. 

"It's my dream to own a house in Tuscany. Josh and I have been talking about it..." – diane kruger

How does it work, having an American agent? 

You know, agents, I don't know. It's my dream, and the reason I became an actor was that I love cinema and I love the language, the universal language of making films whether it's in French or German or English so it's always been my dream to be an international actress, to not be pinned down by my nationality, my accent. I sort of want to do it all and so I guess I always ask the Americans to be gracious with me when I want to go off and make a small European film and, you know, hopefully find something interesting in America that allows me to expand my horizons.

You come from Germany, but have also lived in France as well as London and LA, what has it been like living such a multi-cultural life

Oh, yeah, I've lived in the U.S on and off for 18 years now. Yeah, I do feel like a mutt, you know. Even though obviously I am German, I've lived abroad for over 18 years. So that's more than half of my life. I feel very French at times and then also very American. I think there are things about the U.S that I really cherish when it comes to work ethic or when it comes to just the go-get to it attitude.

But I do miss Europe when I'm here for too long, there's a certain de vivre, you know, the way life is, the quality of life can be (for me anyways) better in Paris. Nobody shows up on time. You take six weeks of vacation...

Interview with Diane Kruger

You have mentioned in the past that Romy Schneider has been a huge influence in your career. Is she partly the reason that you wanted to make French films?

Yes, absolutely. I dreamed about coming to France and finding a French boyfriend and making French movies. I thought there was a romance to her life, at least when I was younger, that I just so admired and I do love French films and there was a light inside of her that I remember, since I was very young, that just made me dream and it inspired me so much and I fell in love with French cinema because of her and I will say that the French have welcomed me like one of their own. I started out in France. I went to drama school in France and to this day I'm their adopted step-kid and when I'm in a great film I'm French, not so great I'm Franco-Allemande (French/German).

Which one of her films do you love the most or have the deepest connection with?

Well, I like Les Choses de la Vie, things of life, I guess by Sautet, La Piscine, obviously. I love all the movies. I find it very sad to talk about her life and how it turned out and how she ended but it seems to me that she was one of those actors that just couldn't make a difference between her work life and her actual life and it's actually been an inspiration to me and it took me a long time to realise that no part I'm ever going to play is going to be more interesting than my life and so I think that's a big lesson to be learned here.

Does your European identity extend to Italy at all? Have you been? 

Oh, yeah, many, many, many, many times. What's not to like about Italy really, you know? It's my dream to own a house in Tuscany. We've been talking – Josh and I have been talking about it. That's sort of our dream maybe in the next five years to have a house there. 

Interview with Diane Kruger