Donald Drawbertson - a.k.a. Donald Robertson, isn't as "playful" as his Instagram alter ego might portray. Sure he's used his humour and unique sense of vision of the years - but for big business. He might at first appear as a man who loves his new born twins, wife and making Warhol-esque art with cardboard and gaffer tape in his spare time when looking at the soaring @DonaldDrawbertson Instagram handle, but scratch the service and Google 'Donald Robertson' and discover something altogether different.

Buro Asks: Donald Drawbertson, a.k.a Donald Robertson

Robertson was one of the original founders of MAC cosmetics, inventing the Viva Glam! concept and campaign for Aids awareness (more on that later), has held the title of creative director at top magazines including Glamour, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan and currently works as head of creative development for Bobbi Brown.

Buro Asks: Donald Drawbertson, a.k.a Donald Robertson

The 'Drawbertson' aspect of Robertson's brilliant creative mind first caught Buro 24/7 Middle East's attention in November last year, since then he has enjoyed press coverage on and Vanity Fair for his almost-childish, whimsical and brilliant artworks, all of which are revealed via his Instagram handle. Late last week Donald also shared his new project - a book dedicated to Kermès and the rest of the Drawberston gang (which Buro 24/ 7 will be exclusively revealing in the not-so-distant future).

Join us as we delve deeper into the life of Donald, from his inspirations, to his ambitions, family life and "garbage rockets"...

Buro Asks: Donald Drawbertson, a.k.a Donald Robertson

What was the first thing that you thought of this morning?

The first thing I think about when I open my eyes is who is going to need what today? Wife? Kids? Dogs? New twins? Fashion folk? Art buyers? What? I do a mental roll call in that order  

What will be the last thing you think of before you sleep tonight?

The last thing I think of before I go to sleep is where are my teenagers? It's terrible when they start to ditch you!  

When were you happiest?

Honestly - all  cliché stuff aside, I'm happiest when I have a big blank pad in front of me, paint, a fresh pack of sharpies, full rolls of gaffer tape, clean brush water and my iPhone. That is my golf course, bliss.

If nostalgia were a smell, what would it be?

It would be the basket of tuberose that was left in my wife and I's hotel room in Bali after we came back from hiking the jungle. Tuberoses are like dandelions in Bali - they are everywhere.

Buro Asks: Donald Drawbertson, a.k.a Donald Robertson

Where is your favourite spot in the world?

My favorite spot in the world is sitting beside my hilarious, gorgeous, slightly difficult but always exhilarating wife - wherever I may have been dragged (away from my art supplies).

What would your last meal consist of?

A raw vegan feast, so I could say I did it, once!

Buro Asks: Donald Drawbertson, a.k.a Donald Robertson

What is your greatest fear?

When you have five kids like I do, you fear not keeping your ducks in a row. Literally.

Which living person do you most admire?

I love Wes Anderson - a lot. The man is uncompromising in his artistic vision and has managed to completely charm people commercially and entirely on his terms. The Grand Budapest Hotel opens on my birthday and I am taking the whole family for that one.

Buro Asks: Donald Drawbertson, a.k.a Donald Robertson

Buro Asks: Donald Drawbertson, a.k.a Donald Robertson

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

It would be that I wouldn't post so much on Instagram - I must be incredibly annoying. It's hard for "picture people" to resist. When I was on twitter I never really said anything, but with Instagram I'm trigger-happy.

Buro Asks: Donald Drawbertson, a.k.a Donald Robertson

Which artwork do you wish you'd created?

It would be the Andy Goldsworthy rock eggs. They drive me crazy. He has a hundred kids too so I can feel his peace of mind when he treks down to a beach and starts building an egg out of cracked rocks. I also love that fact that he takes a picture of it before he abandons it. He is like the original "instagrammer". My 8 year old son Teddy recently told his art teacher, who was teaching the kids about Andy's sculptures and making them in class, that they shouldn't be using glue to keep the rocks together - a very proud moment for me!

Buro Asks: Donald Drawbertson, a.k.a Donald Robertson

What's the next big thing?

Garbage rockets! My kids and I want to send all the garbage on earth into a black hole in space, it has to be doable. Where is Richard Branson? He could help us make this happen, and then we can all stress less about ruining the environment.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement is one of my first ideas as a very young creative director. My friends Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan- the original founders of MAC cosmetics and I launched an aids awareness lipstick campaign called Viva Glam! To this day MAC cosmetics has raised over 3 hundred million dollars in funds. John Demsey, who runs MAC now, has made it even bigger and better year after year. It's my proudest accomplishment.

Buro Asks: Donald Drawbertson, a.k.a Donald Robertson

What do you wish you invented?

I wish I had invented garbage rockets.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

If I had one superpower it would be to be able to paint flesh as well as the artist John Currin - he is my superhero! "Paintbrush Man".

Buro Asks: Donald Drawbertson, a.k.a Donald Robertson