Hold on to your wetsuits because the trailer for the Point Break remake is here and in this version, FBI agent, Johnny Utah, isn’t just staring down the barrel of a loaded 15-foot wave, but taking on the laws of gravity in a series of high octane adrenaline sports including, base jumping, parachuting and extreme snow boarding. 

The plot is familiar, seeing Utah (played by relative newcomer, Luke Bracey. It was Keanu Reeves in the original version) having to infiltrate a tight-knit criminal gang of adrenaline junkies, headed by Bodhi (played here by Édgar Ramírez who reprises Patrick Swayze’s role.) Utah has to prove himself fearless in the face of these death-defying feats in order to gain Bodhi’s trust and complete his mission of dismantling the crime ring. But can he remain uneducated by Bodhi before he gets too deep…?