Ellen DeGeneres put Mrs Beckham to the test during her recent appearance on the popular daytime talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The playful host often enjoys playing games with her guests and designed 'Tats on Becks' specifically for Victoria's visit. 

The game saw Ellen describe certain tattoos that exists on David Beckham's body and Victoria had to describe precociously where they appear. She got off to a rocky start when asked in what order their children's names appear on David's back, and then forgot which side of his neck he had their daughter Harper's name inked. DeGeneres seemed to be throwing her off the scent a bit but the one she knew right away from the tattoo that her husband had of her. 

Adding to the stakes was the $1,000 that Ellen pledged to donate to the UN Fund (of which David and Victoria are patrons) Victoria managed a modest $3,000 but generous Ellen rounded it up to $10,000 for the good cause. We can't blame Victoria, it must be hard to stay up to date with that much ink, but its no hardship to try. 

Take a look at the video in full below...