Quentin Tarantino reveals a teaser trailer for his latest film The Hateful Eight. Whilst the trailer doesn't share any plot points or reveal any looks form the film's eight leading characters, we do receive a typically Tarantino introduction to the hateful eight names in an animated bloody presentation, whereupon we also learn: "On the edge of the American Frontier, some time after the Civil War, eight strangers were stranded by a blizzard. They soon discovered they shared a deadly connection." 

The Oscar-winning director nearly scrapped the film's release altogether after the script was leaked earlier this year, but after a change of heart, we can look forward to an anticipated gruesome cinematic release later this year in 75mm film. Tarantino's casting is notoriously rigorous and stars that have made the grade for The Hateful Eight include; Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Channing Tatum.