There's been a lot of hype around the second season of American Crime Story not least because of its all-star cast. Starring Penelope Cruz (who replaced Lady Gaga) as Donatella Versace, Edgar Ramirez (who replaced Antonio Banderas) as Gianni Versace and Darren Criss as serial killer Andrew Cunanan, the series will centre around the 1997 murder of the beloved designer. 

A new trailer released overnight shows the cast and crew talking about what audiences can expect when the series airs on January 17, 2018. Ramirez explained that the storyline will also cover the mistakes made during the investigation — "We're going to understand how that could've been avoided" — with Criss observing that "this particular manhunt is the largest failed FBI manhunt in history." 

The news gripped the world when it happened and it looks set to capture audiences attention again from next year. Stay tuned to Buro 24/7 Middle East for more details as they emerge. Now, see the films you can't miss in 2018.