The hit comedy show of the moment – Modern Family, has broken down many norms in its six formidable years of success, to date, and here comes a new flip; an upcoming episode, set to air in the US on February 25, that will take place entirely from the viewers perspective, from the screen of a MacBook Pro lap top

The episode's story arc is told from the perspective of Daddy's girl, and mother of three, Clare Dunphy who is trying to track down her sly daughter, Hayley. 

The episode, called Lost Connection was inspired by the show's co-creator Steve Levitan's personal experiences as a father of two girls, who spends much of his time communicating with his family via his laptop: "I have two daughters at college, and we do a lot of FaceTiming," said Levitan during a recent press event in Los Angeles. "And I realised on that screen you could tell so much about my life. So the original idea was from there."

We'll be sure not to loose our connection with this episode...