Leonardo DiCaprio linked to movie on Volkswagen scandal

Leonardo DiCaprio linked to movie on Volkswagen scandal

Automaker story aligns with DiCaprio's enivironmental stand

Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

The Volkswagen scandal is set to make it to the big screen with Leonardo DiCaprio in the producer's seat

Hollywood is hot on the w(heels) of the Volkswagen scandal with rumours that Leonardo DiCaprio has secured the rights to produce the film. The actor has serious pulling power too with Paramount pitched to back the project.

So far there's no more news on the movie but the book upon which it will be based is likely to have an injection of the recent Volkswagen fiasco, which started just last month. when the German automaker was accused of falsifying emissions test results which led to plunging stocks and the resignation of its chief.

It's also no surprise then that DiCaprio is interested in the film, given that he is a vocal opponent to anything that kills our environment. If DiCaprio were to proceed with the project, it would be the second time in recent years that he's put on his Producer hat for a movie about fraud, the first being The Wolf of Wall Street.