Buro 24/7 Middle East bring you the first images from the set of Johnny Depp's latest film Black Mass, where the master of disguise transforms into the character of real life organised crime figure Whitey Bulger. 

The film tells the stranger-than-fiction story of how Bulger, the Bostonian head of the Irish mob, had illegal and strange underground dealing with childhood friend and FBI agent, John Connolly (played by Joel Edgerton), which spiralled out of control.

Because Bulger is such an iconic real-life figure, Depp and director Scott Cooper (Out of the Furnace) felt it was crucial to get Bulger's look spot on. The result you see here of the seventies wardrobe and accessories and prosthetic receding hairline, came from hours pouring over surveillance tapes and old F.B.I. photographs. Cooper is happy with the result, saying, "A lot of people on set knew Whitey intimately . . . they got chills at [Depp's] resemblance. Some of them couldn't even look at him."

Black Mass is expected to hit cinemas September 18.