It must have been a bittersweet weekend for Hugh Jackman, who's celebrating his 47th birthday and facing a film flop, after 'Pan' premiered in theatres this weekend. Despite the lacklustre reviews, we've decided to look at the other roles Hugh's inevitably lost out on as well as a few he's still in the running for...

James Bond

Before Daniel Craig became the embodiment of the new age Bond, Jackman was offered the part. Commitments to the X-Men franchise however prevented him from taking up the role. "I was like, 'Ah, I don't think it's the right time.' But it was not an easy one to give up," he said. But with Bond's role back in the casting room, don't bet against Hugh just yet.

Harvey Dent aka Two-Face in Dark Knight

Matt Damon reportedly turned down the role first and other candidates being considered included Liev Schreiber and Ryan Philippe. Jackman's name was also thrown into the mix before Aaron Eckhart finally snagged it. If Jackman had accepted it, it would have been the second Chris Nolan film that saw Hugh and Christian Bale lock horns after The Prestige.

Jason in Friday the 13th

After his performance as Wolverine, Adamantium claws and all, we have a feeling Hugh could handle Jason. He thinks so too, saying: "More than anything, I wanted to play Jason in one of the Friday the 13th movies. I've watched all of those movies, and my mates and me would re-enact them all — even the really bad one in 3D."