The artist known as JR has created a 150 feet mural on a New York street, together with the hashtag #walkingnewyork, to almost no noticeable attention. Today the people who commissioned the work, New York Times Magazine, have published a photograph of the staggering street art on the cover of their latest issue, and are finally catching people's attention. 

When JR was approached by the magazine to collaborate on an art project, he said he had started a project a year ago on immigration and would like to pursue it. He had been photographing 15 immigrants in the city of New York, "living in the shadows" and selected 20 year old Azerbaijani immigrant, Elmer, to become the enormous street mural. 

"People walked on him all day and no one really noticed him. Today he is on the cover of the NYtimes magazine that comes out this Sunday on paper while everyone else is in the shadow :) ... #walkingnewyork" said the artist on his website today.