Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz is set to launch a new book, The Longevity Book. A follow-up to her highly-successful read, The Body Book, this new title sees Diaz continue her journey towards understanding the human body, specifically the changes to an ageing one.

Diaz posted a picture of the new book cover on Instagram, with the caption: "As soon as I saw it myself, I wanted to share with you the cover of The Longevity Book. I am so proud of this book and very much looking forward to engaging us all in a new conversation about aging — how to do it with strength, grace, health and wisdom."

Book of the week: Cameron Diaz's The Longevity Book

Adding to her own personal experiences and insights, Diaz talked to health experts and doctors to understand and explain the science behind the ageing process. A truly holistic guide, The Longevity Book also reveals why meditation, love, friendship and laughter are crucial elements in our quest to age gracefully.

The Longevity Book is set for release on April 5.