Leila Heller Gallery Dubai presents Zaha Hadid, the eponymous mid-career exhibition of the world famous architect. While she's better known for her grand modernistic architectural masterpieces, including Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Zayed Bridge, the London Olympic Aquatics Stadium and the Guangzhou Opera House, Hadid's product designs are just as revolutionary as they are visionary.

Zaha Hadid exhibition opens at Leila Heller Gallery Dubai

Featuring works from as far back as the early '80s, the exhibition offers viewers an insight into the evolution of her design style, from her semi-tectonic to her semi-liquid-inspired creations, where she shifts towards nature and more organic shapes. Also on show at the exhibition are her domestic furniture pieces aptly titled the 2015 Liquid Glacial Series, as well as her Silene and Z-series jewellery collections. 

Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid runs from January 18 - February 29, 2016, at the Leila Heller Gallery Dubai.