Arts organisation Tashkeel is set to present a new art exhibition. Titled Shifting, the show features the works of artists Banu Colak and Naz Shahrokh, who explore the idea of interaction between humans and the spaces they live in. Though running the same theme, the two artists offer several contrasting modes of visualisation, allowing the viewer to have a full sensory experience, while discovering the artworks.

Ephemeral 2015 by Banu Colak

Utilising fragmented photographic images, Turkish artist Colak creates grid-like artworks that reflect the nature of constantly changing landscapes. Meanwhile, Iranian Shahrokh showcases paintings that focus on how humans and the environment are unknowingly interconnected through hidden elements that are a part of everyday life.

We are all connected by Naz Shahrokh

Shifting will run from May 18 - June 18 at Tashkeel House 10, Al Fahidi, Dubai.