Russian Pompidou: Inside the must-see art exhibition

Russian Pompidou: Inside the must-see art exhibition

Kabakov, Bulatov, Brewers

Text: Buro 24/7

Image: Buro 24/7

On September 14, the Pompidou Center in Paris hosted an extraordinary exhibition titled Kollektsia! Modern Art in USSR and Russia, 1950-2000. All of the exhibits, 250 of them, were graciously gifted to the museum by Russian philanthropists. Here, Buro 24/7 Russia looks at why their country gifts art to France and why the exhibit was such an important milestone...

Erik Bulatov. Glory to the CPSU, 2003-2005

Key artists, which featured included Ilya Kabakov and Victor Pivovarov to Dmitry Prigov and of course, Eric Bulatov, who held a solo exhibition at the Garage museum in Moscow last year. Also included were one of the most expensive art groups of our time, AES+F. The collection, which was cherry-picked from more than a 1000 exhibits offered by the curators, will now be included into the permanent collection at the Centre.

Among the other collectors, sharing their favorite art with the Pompidou Centre, was entrepreneur Vladimir Semenikhin, The Art Newspaper owner Inna Bazhenova and Family Foundation Founder, millionaire Igor Tsukanov.

Here are two more highlights from the exhibition...

Boris Orlov. Bust in Rastrelli's Style, 1996

Grisha Bruskin. From the series Birth of a Hero, 1984-1985


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