1X1 Art Gallery is set to present a new exhibition this May. Titled Soil Oil, the debut solo exhibition by Indian artist Sachin Bonde explores the shrouded world of one of the world's most valuable commodities: oil.

Oil war by Sachin Bonde

Traditionally also known as black gold, oil's utmost importance in daily life has often been abused with prices increased several fold. Bonde questions such business dealings and investigates how it translates to both supplier and consumer and how politics play its part as well. The multi-discipline exhibition utilises flags, symbols and graphs amongst other mediums to emphasise the one-sided profitability within the industry.

Mapping oil by Sachin Bonde

Laughing monkey by Sachin Bonde

Black roaster by Sachin Bonde

Soil Oil by Sachin Bonde will run from May 11 - June 30 at 1X1 Art Gallery, Alserkal Avenue.