Opening soon: Seydou Keïta art exhibition

Opening soon: Seydou Keïta art exhibition

From colony to modernity

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Leila Heller Gallery

A new monochrome photographic exhibition offers an insight into one of Africa's most defining moments. Buro 24/7 Middle East has the details...

Dubai art space Leila Heller Gallery is set to host a new exhibition by African photographer, Seydou Keïta. The eponymous solo show features images of the people of Mali as the nation went through a period of change. A direct reflection of their struggle for independence, which took place in the '50s, the moving images are a must-see.

Seydou Keïta

The evolution of the residents were expertly captured by Keïta who, through the use of Western props including cars, radios and bicycles as backdrops, allowed the spotlight to fall squarely on the strong African identity of the people. Yet some of the works from the albeit massive archive, think 10,000 images, urges the viewer to look past the social fabric and focus on the individuals who were living through a critical moment in African history.

Seydou Keïta

Through this body of work, Keïta, who to some shares the same stage as legendary photographers including Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and August Sander, chronicles Mali's transformation at its most intimate.

Seydou Keïta

Seydou Keïta will run from June 22 until September 1 at Leila Heller Gallery, Al Serkal Avenue.

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