The iconic pop art pioneer Andy Warhol's 'One Dollar Bill' artwork has just sold for a whole lot more than that – achieving $32.8 million dollars at a recent auction at Sotheby's in London.

The piece once belonged to Warhol's business manager Frederick Hughes and was created when a friend instructed the artist to paint what he loved the most:

"I'd asked around 10 or 15 people for suggestions. Finally one lady friend asked the right question, 'Well, what do you love most?' That's how I started painting money." – andy warhol

Warhol painted the $1 bill in 1962, shortly before he discovered his silk-screen technique.

Other artworks from iconic artists such as Francis Bacon and Lucien Freud were included in the Sotheby's auction on Tuesday, which achieved a record-breaking £130 million. Alex Branczik, Sotheby’s head of contemporary art said:

“We reached new heights at Sotheby’s tonight with the highest total we’ve ever achieved for contemporary art in London. Bidders from across the globe were drawn to Warhol works that ripped up the rule book for 20th-century art; rediscovered Francis Bacon gems; and some of the greatest works by British artists of the last 70 years. Tonight’s achievements affirm the pivotal position of London within the international art market.”